New Paradigm Consulting - The Fresh Approach

Golden Popcorn Ltd


Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

Project Overview

Founded in 1996 and located just outside belfast, Golden Popcorn Ltd is the leading manufacturer of cinema style sweet and salted popcorn in Northern Ireland.

In October 2012, the company required the services of a quality assurance professional that could co-ordinate and maintain the existing BRC Issue 6 compliant food safety management system.

New Paradigm Consulting were contracted by Golden Popcorn to provide this service and ensure the company were ready for their upcoming BRC Issue 6 surveillance audit. In April 2013, Golden Popcorn were successful in maintaining their BRC Issue 6 Global Standard for Food ‘A’ grade.

New Paradigm Consulting continues to co-ordinate and maintain the food safety management system on a monthly basis. This arrangement provides Golden Popcorn with peace of mind in relation to compliance and a structured approach to managing food safety.


BRC Issue 6 (Food)