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19 June 2016

We are a Northern Ireland based consultancy practice offering our clients bespoke ISO / AS compliance related services. Our staff have helped organisations in the UK, Republic of Ireland and the USA achieve certification to their desired ISO / AS standard. Central to our success is the importance placed upon dealing with our customers in a fair, respectful and courteous manner, whilst never losing sight of the fact that each business deals with their own unique challenges. We never approach a project with a ‘one size fits all’ mentality!

With this in mind, many organisations embark on the process of achieving ISO / AS certification for different reasons, but the process always begins with an ‘outsider’ suggesting changes to your processes. We appreciate that many business owners have worked extremely hard to get where they are and don’t want an ‘outsider’ to change their successful business practices beyond recognition. To make the transition as easy as possible, we apply a practical and subtle approach by using your existing processes to form the basis of any system and we work hard to fill in the gaps. We specialise in developing lean ISO / AS compliant management systems that are bespoke to your business, with emphasis on ensuring there is minimal administration required to manage it.

Once we have developed your system, and more importantly, you are happy with it. We provide your staff with the necessary training to manage it yourselves. The training is very practical, with the focus on how to manage and get the most from the system rather than the theory behind the relevant ISO / AS standard. Our goal is to take the fear out of ISO and provide you with a system that you can successfully manage on your own. …..although, do not worry. We strive to provide as much added value as possible, and as you are our client, we will always be on hand to give you advice and assistance when needed. Not to mention that we have a large network of local businesses which we would be happy to introduce you to, to discuss possible synergies.

So to pre-empt some questions that you may have;

  1. Yes, we can create a lean ISO compliant system for you.
  2. No, your manual won’t be the size of the telephone book.
  3. Yes, we can combine your quality, environmental and health & safety management system into 1 integrated management system.
  4. Yes, we will happily have a look at your system to suggest ways to reduce the administration required to manage it.
  5. Yes, we can do a pre-audit to ensure you are ready for your audit.
  6. Yes, we will happily attend the external audit and provide you with support during the process.
  7. Yes, we will happily support your management representative on an on-going basis to keep on top of the system administration.
  8. Yes, we will happily pass on some references for you to gauge our customers’ level of satisfaction.

If you are seeking certification to a particular ISO / AS standard, please contact us for a chat. And please remember;

  1. It is not as costly as you might think and there is a fair chance that funding is available for the project.
  2. It won’t create huge changes to your core business processes.
  3. The process is not as scary as you might think.
  4. It shouldn’t take as long to get certified as you might think.
  5. There isn’t as much paperwork as you might think.
  6. You probably won’t need to employ a full-time member of staff to manage the system once it has been implemented, especially if you are an SME.

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