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Aerospace Quality Management

AS9100 Rev D

23 April 2014
Aerospace Quality Management

What is AS9100D?

Superseding AS9100 Rev C, AS9100 Rev D is an internationally recognised standard that is specific to the aerospace industry, it lays out requirements to which an organisation must adhere, to demonstrate that it’s business functions are managed within a framework committed to achieving customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products or services. The framework is commonly referred to as an aerospace quality management system. AS9100 Rev D is used and supported by the largest Aerospace Manufacturing organisations in the world, who in turn, heavily promote compliance with this standard throughout their own supply chain.

The standard focuses on how your organisation;

  • Controls important documentation and records,
  • Manages the competency of employees & resources,
  • Manages quality and risk within your production or service provision process,
  • Manages critical suppliers and customer requirements,
  • Reviews internal processes and problems,
  • Manages your commitment to continual improvement.

Organisations that we have helped comply with this standard;

New Paradigm Consulting specialises in streamlining management systems and here is a tip for you to reduce some of the administration associated with meeting the requirements of AS9100 Rev D.

A critical element of achieving certification to AS9100 Rev D is that you monitor on-time delivery to your customers. If you deliver a lot of product on a very frequent basis to your customer, then keeping on top of the figures can be quite difficult, especially if you do not have MRP/ERP software to do this for you.

Many AS9100 compliant SME’s are in a position where they are manually calculating their on-time delivery performance. This can take a lot of time and resources that are not dedicated to generating income. If you are a first tier or second tier supplier, then your customer is extremely likely to have figures on your on-time delivery performance as part of their supplier engagement process. Simply request this information from all of your Aerospace customers and use it as the evidence that you are monitoring your on-time delivery.

This will remove a lot of the administration associated with meeting this requirement. Not to mention that an AS9100 auditor will only want to view on-time delivery performance to your aerospace customers. So no need to roll the process out to all of your other non-aerospace customers. Remember, if you are not meeting your own performance target or your customer’s target, make the corrective action you are going to take to address the issue very clear to your auditor.

Please contact New Paradigm Consulting if this situation is familiar to you and we can discuss other opportunities for streamlining your quality management system with the emphasis on reducing the effort required to manage it. Especially if you are currently running 2 separate quality management systems compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9100. These systems can be easily combined to remove the duplication.

Please contact us if you wish to implement a management system compliant with AS9100 Rev D within your organisation.

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