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24 April 2014


You have successfully implemented your system and you are now ready to appoint a certification body to carry out a certification audit on your organisation.

Our Process

Whether we have developed your system or not, we will act to support you through the certification process. Whilst New Paradigm Consulting does not provide ISO certification services, we can help you reduce costs by getting competitive certification quotes from accredited certification bodies. Should you wish for further support, one of our experienced ISO specialists can be present during the audit. Further to this, we can conduct a pre-audit on your organisation to help you prepare for the upcoming certification audit.

Benefits of engaging with New Paradigm Consulting to assist with the certification process;

  • Certification and on-going surveillance can be a costly process, not to mention there are many certification bodies with differing fee structures. We have a relationship with many certification bodies and can work with them on your behalf to get the best deal.
  • Many organisations fear the audit process. We can be present to support you during the audit, especially when issues are raised. Due to the nature of many ISO standards, there requirements are open to interpretation and an auditor may need a helping hand to understand how your organisation meets certain requirements.

Example Projects

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