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Surveillance audit preparation and support

24 April 2014


You have successfully achieved certification and are getting ready for your upcoming surveillance audit. However, there have been a number of changes to your business since the last audit and you are not sure if you are ready.

Our Process

If you have been successfully certified, New Paradigm Consulting can support your organisation by carrying out a mock audit against the requirements of the standard that you are certified against. We can work with you to address any issues identified on a short or long term project basis.

Benefits of engaging with New Paradigm Consulting to prepare you for your surveillance / re-certification audits;

  • Certification body auditors are not able to provide you with consultancy, however, through our mock audit we will provide you with as much advice as possible to maintain compliance and improve your system to help you get more value from it.
  • Due to our vast experience of complying with ISO / AS standards, you will be able to avail of opportunities to streamline your system as identified during the fully documented mock audit.
  • You will be able to react to changes in a standard’s requirements before the surveillance / re-certification audit. All standards are updated eventually; ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 were both recently rewritten and released in September 2015.

Example Projects

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