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System Development

30 April 2014


You need to get certification to an ISO / AS standard, but have no idea where to begin. There is no formal management system in place and there is no one within the organisation with the expertise to develop a compliant system.

Our Process

We will carry out a gap analysis on your business with the intention of identifying any gaps where you may not be compliant with the desired ISO / AS standard. We then create your system documentation, using your existing procedures and records as the basis of the system. It is not our intention to change your business to suit the ISO standard.

Once the system has been developed, New Paradigm Consulting will train the management representative on how to implement the system and manage it on an on-going basis. New Paradigm Consulting will be available throughout the implementation process to provide you with any advice to ensure you are ready for your certification audit.

Benefits of engaging New Paradigm Consulting to develop your ISO /AS compliant management system:

  • The process is non-invasive — Allowing you to get on with running the business
  • We pride ourselves on developing lean management systems that are bespoke to your business — We hate paperwork as much as you and so will try to provide as little paperwork as possible without compromising on system compliance or effectiveness.
  • Most in-house based systems create unnecessary work as they can misinterpret the standard. Using our experience as opposed to developing an in-house system will allow you to avail of a system that requires the least amount of effort to manage, thus saving you precious resources in the medium to long term.
  • If you already have an ISO / AS standard compliant management system, but wish to gain certification to another ISO / AS standard, then New Paradigm Consulting will provide you with one single integrated management system (rather than 2 separate systems).
  • If you have a system that requires a lot of unnecessary administration to maintain, then we can streamline it to make it a more efficient and effective management system.
  • For most organisations, the systems we create require only a part-time resource to manage effectively.
  • We always try to make the process as cost effective as possible for our clients by keeping up to date with available funding initiatives.

Example Projects

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